Took a few artistic liberties, but I hope you like it~

  1. Do you take commissions?

    I will take commissions whenever there appears to be a demand for them. In short, yes.

    Sorry for taking so long. Hope this is okay~

  2. fig 1: The man-child plays with his toys.

  3. Requests OPEN

    Send me some requests if you’d like~ 
    Just pop ‘em in my ask box~

    It’s… it’s beautiful.

  4. missarrowrunner:



    Find the part in the hair, thing of the separate parts in being in groups that get smaller the more detailed you get. Basically there should be a sort of “flow” from the part to the tips. Remember to have the strands overlay each other, and always, always sketch~

    You can do it!

  5. WIP it. WIP it good.

  6. Meet the blogger Rules: Just insert your answers to the questions below. You must tag at least 10 of your followers.
    I was tagged by: therangersarrow
    URL— Robofeather

    Name— Amanda
    Nickname— Don’t have one :/
    Birthday— April 1st, 1996
    Gender— Female
    Sexuality— Bisexual
    Height— 5’4”
    Current Time Zone— Pacific Time
    Date— 10:04 PM; Thursday, September 4th, 2014
    Last Thing You Googled— “Head looking down”
    Most Used Phrases— “Hey babe.”
    Last Thing You Said to a Family Member— ”Coincidence?! I think not!”
    Favorite Beverage— Smoothiesssssss
    First Word That Comes to Mind— Toothpick (I have no idea where it came from; I haven’t seen a toothpick in weeks).
    Place That Makes You Happy and Why— A small, secluded lake North of where I live where you can watch the sunset and moon rise over mirror-like water and get all emotional.
    Last Movie Watched At the Cinema— Frozen. (Yes, it’s been a while)
    3 Things You Can’t Life Without— Paper, pencil, cats.
    Something You Plan on Learning— Other than more art? Probably origami… wait. That’s just more art, isn’t it?
    Piece of Advice for Your Followers— Never stop growing, never close yourself off from learning and believe you know all you need to, or that you are ever complete. The day you stop growing as a person and decide that you will never change is the day you stop living.

    I guess I have to tag some people~ Look out, here comes the tag missile. Can you see it? It’s just over the horiz-oh shit!
    The bomb detonates in a heartbeat, the world stops breathing for one, dreadfully silent moment. The trees scream in pain, the buildings groan and fall as if suddenly turned to dust and whisked away with the wind. And in the rubble, there sits a single note, with ten solitary names:


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